Only 26% of people working in leadership roles in prime-time television are women, according to a 2008 study by the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University. Of the jobs the study looked at, including producers, executive producers, creators, writers, editors, directors, […]

Reel Grrls

Like any tool, technology cannot create change merely by existing; some people have access to it, many don’t, and there are still problems in the world. The space between the tool and the know-how to use the tool is where ChangeStream Media and organizations like it come in. Digital Democracy […]

Digital Democracy

BAYCAT is a San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit that teaches youth and adults digital media arts so that they can tell their stories and use those skills in future employment. BAYCAT provides free classes to low-income youth in animation, video, graphic design, and music production. Like ChangeStream Media, BAYCAT believes […]


The ChangeStream Media team believe that videos can be used not only to entertain, but also to spread knowledge and promote action. One inspiring “for impact” company is providing hands-on training to get students involved in social purpose media production. Actuality Media‘s Study Abroad Outreach Program organizes trips to developing […]

Students Travel and Make a Difference With Actuality Media

A boy’s hand chopped off because he drank water from a pot meant for other castes. A couple and their unborn child murdered over their inter-caste marriage. These are just some of the atrocities and injustices captured by new media activists who are finding their voice in India. Video Volunteers […]

Video Volunteers

In April and May, ChangeStream Media was privileged to partner with Familias Saludables, a small nonprofit on the island of Roatán, Honduras that fights HIV and assists families affected by the virus. For our locally targeted content, we wanted to create a memorable video production that would teach Roatán’s youth […]

Familias Saludables

There’s more to report on the video exchange between students in Seattle and Honduras! The Digital Connectors in Seattle put together a video response to questions posed by Honduran kids. We had a chance to share the video with the El Porvenir children, who got a kick out of seeing […]

Digital Conversations Continue

Anne Fowler: A Profile in Caring screenshot
The latest ChangeStream Media production, “Anne Fowler: A Profile in Caring,” has been accepted into the Haliburton Ontario Documentary Film Festival, where it will receive its world premiere on May 5! This seven and a half minute piece is our longest English-language production to date, telling the story of how […]

Our Video Premieres at Documentary Film Festival!

Our partner organization, Amigos de Santa Cruz Foundation, connects indigenous women with information that can empower them and their families. Check out our Spanish-language video encouraging Guatemalans to vote, and our English-language short sharing Amigos’ important work with the world! Pedal-powered blenders, washing machines, pumps and threshing machines eliminate the […]

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Last week we completed capacity-building classes with Amigos de Santa Cruz staff in Guatemala. The ChangeStream Media team, joined by volunteers Hannah Whitmore and Michelle Kozlowski, held video production training workshops with technology instructor Juanito and office manager Rosalía. It was a privilege to work with such dedicated and bright […]

Video Production Workshops in Guatemala