Video Production Workshops in Guatemala

Last week we completed capacity-building classes with Amigos de Santa Cruz staff in Guatemala. The ChangeStream Media team, joined by volunteers Hannah Whitmore and Michelle Kozlowski, held video production training workshops with technology instructor Juanito and office manager Rosalía. It was a privilege to work with such dedicated and bright students. In just two weeks they learned how to plan a production, conduct interviews, gather footage and photos, and edit in iMovie. Everyone was thrilled with the final project video, which encourages local students to participate in the cultural exchange program that Amigos de Santa Cruz operates with partners in the United States.

These newly trained video instructors will be able to teach the same skills to a local teen media club. They plan to produce films to document indigenous culture, promote educational opportunities and advocate for the environment.

The center at CECAP is well equipped with computers, but needs better video and audio recording equipment. We hope this project will inspire more support for the technology that will enable these rising stars to document and share the stories that are so important in their community.