Once abundant in Sumatra, orangutans, rhinos, tigers and elephants are now critically endangered by poaching, illegal trafficking, and habitat destruction. We teamed up with Photographers Without Borders to lift up the stories of Sumatrans who are undoing some of the damage, and protecting the people, animals, and forests of their island.

Sumatra’s Rainforest Guardians

Children reading Cambodia
The library is not a quiet place in Cambodia. As soon as the recess bell rings, students flood into the room, clamoring for a book, and then collapse into groups of two or three to read out loud on the floor. It was not always this way; just a few […]

Community Library Project in Rural Cambodia

In tropical countries with widespread subsistence agriculture, failing to composte waste is like burning money. This recipe makes compost in 18 days!

Tropical Composting 101

Ngerengere River Eco Camp is a radical experiment in volunteer-driven sustainable development innovation. It's currently focused on how to transform the local economy from one based on illegal logging for low-value charcoal production and over-grazing by cattle, to high-value, sustainable options like beekeeping, planting fruit orchards, and chicken farming.

Rural Tanzania’s Eco-Innovation Center

In rural Sub-Saharan Africa, communities co-exist with elephants and hippos that can devour a field of crops in a night, and lions and hyenas that feast on untended cows and goats. Finding ways to reduce and manage these conflicts, while turning the surrounding wilderness into a valuable economic asset, may be the only way to ensure the continued existence of the ecosystem from which our species evolved. Read how ChangeStream Media is exploring this topic, starting in Namibia.

African Wildlife: The Fine Line Between Scourge and Savior

The Mexican island of Cozumel in the Caribbean Sea is world famous for its coral reefs and white sand beaches. But it is also home to a vibrant local community, important historical sites and diverse ecosystems. We asked residents to share what makes Cozumel special to them.

What Makes the Mexican Island of Cozumel So Special?

Feats of endurance, skill and human creativity routinely capture the attention of the world. Think of Diana Nyad’s efforts to swim from Cuba to Florida, or Steve Fossett’s round-the-world balloon flights. This has led many activists to promote their causes using an “epic event” to draw media attention. But for […]

Turning an Athletic Feat into a Social Movement