Behind the scenes at the #EQUALJUSTICE video shoot
Marriage equality advocates have a lot to be thankful for this year, starting with the Supreme Court’s historic rulings overturning the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8 in 2012, and continuing with victories in state houses and ballot measures across the country. Ten out of the 16 states […]

#EQUALJUSTICE Marriage Equality Music Video

Bloom! Seattle
ChangeStream Media Speaks at Seattle’s “Sustainability Salon” Nov. 14! Are you passionate about sustainability? Addicted to TED talks? Bloom! Seattle convenes a speaking series to bring together local experts and innovators to share stories from the cutting edge of sustainable design. Mark your calendar for Nov. 14 for an evening […]

Bloom! Seattle Talk

At Seattle GiveCamp, tech-savvy volunteers spend a weekend creating custom software and improving websites for local nonprofits. ChangeStream Media was fortunate to participate from this event in both 2012 and this year, and our website is so much better for it! Not only did our website get a hot new […]

Seattle GiveCamp 2013

Indie Folk Sensation Kite Repair
Join us at the Elks Lodge in Lower Queen Anne on Saturday, November 16 for indie folk jams from Kite Repair, cheap drinks and awesome pub games.  Doors open at 7pm – come early for free pool and darts, $2.50 pints and free pie. Kite Repair takes the stage at […]

Benefit Concert

How can digital storytelling help your nonprofit achieve its goals? ChangeStream Media’s Sean Koenig will tackle that question as a panelist at a workshop facilitated by our fiscal sponsor, Shunpike. Here’s Shunpike’s description of the program: Join us the evening of Monday, 4/29 for “Demystifying Grants” – an Arts Business […]

Shunpike Workshop for Arts Nonprofits

Women pass around vetiver Ubuntu Blox
We’re excited to unveil the video we made about Haiti Communitere‘s Sustainability Resource Center in Port-au-Prince. Located walking distance from the international airport, the center is a hub for international groups to launch pilot projects, manage on-the-ground projects and network with other similarly focused in-country groups. The Sustainability Resource Center fosters […]

Check out Haiti Communitere’s Sustainability Resource Center!

Young artist at the orphanage
ChangeStream Media was very lucky to use Haiti Communitere‘s Sustainability Resource Center as a base while we worked in Port-au-Prince. Haiti Communitere is a nonprofit that helps international and Haitian grassroots organizations operate as a community. The center provided accommodation, office space, connections and many other types of support for […]

All in a Day at Haiti Communitere

Sheila shared her story about living with HIV in Roatán
ChangeStream Media believes that storytelling is a powerful tool for preventing the spread of HIV, and improving the lives of people who have the virus. We’ve interviewed strong HIV survivors, and produced a video teaching Honduran youth how to stay protected. You can help the cause by sharing these stories […]

World AIDS Day: Using Media to Stop the Spread of ...