#EQUALJUSTICE Marriage Equality Music Video

Marriage equality advocates have a lot to be thankful for this year, starting with the Supreme Court’s historic rulings overturning the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8 in 2012, and continuing with victories in state houses and ballot measures across the country.

Ten out of the 16 states now sanctioning same sex unions have started doing so in the past year, creating a sense of momentum and inevitability for the marriage equality cause. Unfortunately, a number of states still oppose extending the rights and privileges of matrimony to all loving couples.

#EQUALJUSTICE celebrates the march of LGBTQ civil rights and urges us all to keep speaking out until everyone is able to marry the person they love.

To get involved in the movement for marriage equality, visit Human Rights Campaign’s Marriage Center online, and follow the National Coalition for Marriage Equality on Facebook.

Volunteers made #EQUALJUSTICE possible

Volunteers from the Seattle Men’s Chorus provided much of the creative talent behind #EQUALJUSTICE. Audio recording space was donated by Seattle Unity Church. Studio space for filming was made possible by Seattle Community Media at North Seattle Community College. Producing this song and music video were only possible with the efforts of hundreds of volunteer hours from ChangeStream Media supporters.

Directed by

Sean Koenig

Produced by

M. C. Hunter, Sean Koenig, Denise Miller and Jonah Kozlowski

Director of Photography

Jonah Kozlowski

Edited by

Sean Koenig

Video Editing Assistant/Montage

Mitchell Hunter/TalkingMarks Media

Photographic Consultant

Jimmy Gonzalez

Musical Director

Mike Anderson

“Get Justice”

Behind the scenes at the #EQUALJUSTICE video shoot

Larry Green – Lead Vocals

Ryan Spady, M. C. Hunter, Denise Miller, Mike Anderson – Backing Vocals

Written by Sean Koenig

Music by Mike Anderson

“Equal Signs”

Ryan Spady – Lead Vocals

Larry Green, M. C. Hunter, Denise Miller, Mike Anderson – Backing Vocals

Written by Sean Koenig

Music by Mike Anderson

Starring (in Alphabetical Order)

Kellen BraddockEQUAL JUSTICE pre-shoot meeting

Mark ‘Mom’ Finley

Chris Fricki

Larry Green

M. C. Hunter

Sean Koenig

Jonah Kozlowski

Michelle Kozlowski

Raya Leary

Amy Miller

Denise Miller

Steve Oles

Ryan Spady

Montage Imagery, Photographers and Inspirations


Jimmy Gonzalez/Magic Window Productions

Nate Gowdy

the Associated Press

Equal Rights WA

Washington United for Marriage

Flying House Productions

Seattle Men’s Chorus, Dennis Coleman, Artistic Director

The Seattle Women’s Chorus

Voices United for Marriage

Representative Jamie Pedersen

Seattle Mayor Elect Ed Murray

Governor Chris Gregoire

Dow Constantine, King County Executive, King County Recorders’ Office

Married Couples (not in order of appearance)

Larry Duncan and Randell Shepherd

James Griener and Paul Harris

Dan Savage and Terry Miller

Jane Abbott-Lighty and Pete-e Petersen

Historical Reference Consultant

Mitchell Hunter

Thanks to Daft Punk and Robin Thicke for the inspiration and imagery used in this parody. Thanks to David Young and Seattle First Baptist Church for donating choir robes. Special thanks to Mitchell Hunter and the Seattle LGBT Commission.