Familias Saludables

In April and May, ChangeStream Media was privileged to partner with Familias Saludables, a small nonprofit on the island of Roatán, Honduras that fights HIV and assists families affected by the virus.

For our locally targeted content, we wanted to create a memorable video production that would teach Roatán’s youth about safe sex without being preachy or trite. We decided that naughty puppets were just the characters to deliver important messages about preventing HIV and living with the virus. It was clear we hit the mark when a group of teenage boys laughed throughout the racy video, and asked us afterward how they could show it to their friends. Our partners at Familias Saludables and World Youth Movement are equally enthusiastic about sharing the video when they do sex education outreach. Check it out! (Warning: This video was designed for young adults from a very open, in-your-face culture. A sense of humor is required!)

We also wanted to create content to help Familias Saludables attract more donations and volunteers. This video highlights Familias Saludables’ key programs from the perspective of a longtime client. Sheila was one of several HIV-positive islanders we interviewed, and her story exemplifies the struggles that they face, and the lifeline that Familias Saludables provides.

To enable Familias Saludables to continue to document their successes and challenges, photographer and ChangeStream Media volunteer Michelle Kozlowski gave their staff workshops covering the basics of point-and-shoot photography. And to give them an easy way to share their stories, we set up a Familias Saludables Facebook page. (“Like” their page to keep up on the latest from Roatán!)

When our volunteers’ talents go beyond media production and training, ChangeStream Media loves to offer extra services to our partner organizations. Michelle is a yoga instructor, and led women enrolled in Familias Saludables’ programs through meditations, breathing exercises and simple stretches. The women said they planned to use the techniques they learned to help them through stress. Michelle also volunteered to teach yoga to Roatán teens.

The ChangeStream Media team is thrilled with what we’ve accomplished in partnership with Familias Saludables, the World Youth Movement, and our amazing volunteers, Hannah Whitmore and Michelle Kozlowski. We look forward to sharing more of the stories we gathered in Roatán in coming weeks and months.