BAYCAT is a San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit that teaches youth and adults digital media arts so that they can tell their stories and use those skills in future employment. BAYCAT provides free classes to low-income youth in animation, video, graphic design, and music production.

Like ChangeStream Media, BAYCAT believes in the power of digital media to document and raise awareness about important issues, and in helping people tell their stories in their own words. We at ChangeStream Media think that community nonprofit organizations like BAYCAT are an important source of digital media education not only because they help empower individuals, but also because they encourage those individuals to use digital media in future work for their communities.

BAYCAT was recently the victim of burglary; all their student laptops were stolen, meaning they also lost weeks of student work on media projects. They’re now trying to raise the money to replace the laptops so that they can continue their educational program. BAYCAT hopes to raise the money before their fall semester starts, and you can contribute to their fundraising campaign until September 6.

Their website showcases some of their students’ work, so check out what they do and spread the word about their fundraising campaign!

–Post by Anna Zola Miller

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