Welcome to ChangeStream Media 6

ChangeStream Media is a platform for using technology to bring about positive social change in communities around the world. Our goal is to traverse the globe making micro-documentaries about local entrepreneurial projects, successful non-profit ventures, and other innovative seed ideas that will help communities thrive when we share them through impromptu film festivals.

This month, CSM’s directors will head to Kampot, Cambodia, where projects will include:

* documenting a school where disabled children are taught useful work skills to help them integrate into a society from which they are sometimes ostracized
* partnering with an NGO that creates resource kits for teachers
* creating a film about a replicable, highly successful community poultry-raising project

We’ll share videos about these projects in English for a worldwide Internet audience, and in Khmer for Cambodians who might directly benefit from the knowledge.

And we’ll record the whole process – victories, gaffes, surprises, and all, in regular website updates. To support those who are inspired to do some of your own ChangeStreaming, we’ll post tips on gear, production and travel, and answer your questions as quickly as our Internet access will allow.

Thanks for joining us on our mission to spread useful ideas to underserved populations. Hope grows where knowledge flows.

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