First 24 Hours in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

We’ve arrived in Port-au-Prince and have hit the ground running! Updates on our video and media training projects are coming soon; here are some images of our first day in Haiti to help set the scene.

Tap-taps at the border between Dominican Republic and Haiti

First tap tap spotting at the Dominican Republic – Haiti border. We rolled into Haiti on Sunday, Nov. 18.

Reunited with Aimee Gaines at Haiti Communitere in Port-au-Prince

First time at our base camp, the Haiti Communitere Resource Center. We’re standing in front of the Earthship, one of many alternative building demos on the compound. Our friend Aimee Gaines, who works with Future Generations, welcomed us with the local brew, Prestige lager.

Meeting Corinne, Haiti Communitere's resident goat

First meeting with Corinne, Haiti Communitere’s resident goat.

First round of chores included cleaning the compost toilet at Haiti Communitere

First round of chores at Haiti Communitere involved cleaning out the compost toilets.

First time walking around the neighborhood in Port-au-Prince

First time walking around the neighborhood in Port-au-Prince. We headed out for a few hours to buy a cell phone and take care of other errands. Navigating the muddy streets can be a challenge, and you’ve got to watch out for motos and big, big trucks whizzing by.

First street food in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

First street food in Port-au-Prince. We eat breakfast and dinner at Haiti Communitere, but are on our own for lunch. Our first midday meal was rice, beans, avocado, and collard greens with crab.