Digital storytelling that changes lives

ChangeStream Media is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that uses art, technology and digital storytelling to spread important ideas and support innovative grassroots organizations in disadvantaged communities around the world.

Reaching under-served populations with transformative digital content

ChangeStream Media reaches out to populations that are suffering from poverty, marginalization, or exclusion from the free flow of knowledge. Working with local organizations, we identify, document, and share ideas that make a substantial impact. Our multimedia productions transcend literacy barriers and couple important messages with memorable images, music, or stories. This content reaches disadvantaged populations through direct interventions, such as film screenings and photography installations. These evocative platforms spark dialogues, helping messages ripple through communities.

Helping charitable organizations spread ideas and reach a global audience

Many organizations on the frontlines of the war on poverty, illness and environmental degradation have brilliant ideas for solving local problems, but lack the resources to broadcast their solutions. ChangeStream Media partners with these types of groups to amplify their messages in their local communities. In addition, groups can use multimedia content in outreach to potential supporters. We also build the capacity of our partner organizations’ staff to use digital storytelling. Effective storytelling helps partner organizations attract the technical advice, volunteers and funding they need.

Empowering volunteers to provide media services and share content

To expand operations and reach communities across the globe, ChangeStream Media trains new media volunteers from Seattle and beyond, helping them to plan and execute their own media-centered service projects. We also offer independent volunteer packages that allow travelers to connect with other cultures and share ChangeStream Media content.

ChangeStream Media is an Associated Program of Shunpike, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit art service organization.