Discover The Journey

Discover The Journey (DTJ) is a non-profit organization advocating for children in crisis around the world through storytelling and journalism. They believe that children are capable of telling their own stories, but lack the space to do so and the resources to take those stories to a wider audience. This is where DTJ comes in, bringing those resources and creating that space. The organization is also committed to the idea that telling the story is not the end goal; they follow these stories and keep telling them until change happens.

DTJ is working in Iraq, Uganda, Congo, and Haiti. In Haiti, DTJ arrived just days after the January 2010 earthquake, bringing medical supplies, taking photographs, and working on a documentary film for CNN. ChangeStream Media is likewise headed to Haiti this November, where we’ll be working with other groups already there to create media content that will help improve conditions. We’re always interested to hear stories of other organizations’ work in Haiti as we prepare to do our own, and DTJ’s stories and photographs of Haiti show a particularly vivid picture of what they experienced there.

On DTJ’s website you can find videos, photos, and podcasts about their work and the lives of the people they work with. You can also read their blog for more information about their current projects.

–Post by Anna Zola Miller