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The workbook

Here is a digital copy of the workbook for your personal use in this workshop. Please do not distribute the document externally, as we are turning the content into an online resource, and have not yet licensed all the images.

Video release forms – When to use a video release form, with a sample release form included – Standard location release form

Sources for non-copyrighted music – A diverse array of music. Be sure to use the advanced search filters to find web-video-friendly tracks. – Good music available, but you have to put the license into the search to filter out non-commercial content. Also, be wary of groups that sample or cover copyrighted songs. – Mostly good for older works like 1920’s jazz – the links to newer music link you to “free download” sites that have ambiguous licensing. – Great for classical music performed by student groups released to the public domain. – We’ve had trouble finding YouTube-friendly licenses here. The best strategy is to use a Google search to find all the tracks that have appropriate licenses, and then add search terms for the genre: “Give credit to the artist” -“Don’t use this album for commercial purposes” -“Distribute all derivative works under the same license” -“Don’t alter, transform or build upon this album” [ADD DESCRIPTION HERE, LIKE “JAZZ” OR “FOLK”] – Lots of funky modern music. Very poor search functions. All music is licensed CC-BY-SA, so your video must be released under the same license (and not include any material that cannot be shared). – Good for loops and hip-hop tracks. Many tracks with the ideal CC-BY license.

Advice on fair use – A set of best practices for using copyrighted material

Seattle filming requirements – Permits are $25 for 14 days and not needed if certain requirements are met

Video from the first class

Downtown Streets Team – part of the Micro-documentaries archive. I would encourage you to check out several more!
Topsy | AIDS patients dramatic recovery
I Could Not Read
Vital Voices: Kakenya
Pedal = Sight

Quick tips for shooting video

Here’s a fun, 2-minute demonstration of “The Seven Deadly Sins of Camerawork” and how to avoid committing them.

Links from second class is a great place to start your search for gear. It has lots of thoughtful reviews for most products. Once you figure out what you want to purchase, compare prices with other stores. has a free, in-depth online course on TV production. This link takes you directly to the module on composing shots.