Vision and Mission

ChangeStream Media is a Seattle-based, volunteer-powered nonprofit that promotes education, health and social justice through digital storytelling. Watch this animation to learn more about ChangeStream Media’s mission and methods.



ChangeStream Media envisions a world in which knowledge barriers are struck down, and digital content catalyzes improvements in health, education, environmental conditions and social welfare worldwide.


ChangeStream Media’s mission is to educate, inspire and improve the social welfare of disadvantaged communities worldwide through digital media. We seek knowledge that can unlock brighter futures, and share it with a wide audience using multimedia storytelling. ChangeStream Media focuses on simple, affordable ideas offering immediate actions that can improve the standard of living for individuals and communities. In the process, we collaborate with digital media volunteers, and connect charitable organizations with the resources to help them flourish.

ChangeStream Media crafts content with the power to affect positive change, including inspirational documentary videos, compelling photo collections, and insightful blog posts. This digital archive reaches disadvantaged populations through impromptu film festivals, art installations, republication in traditional media outlets, and outreach by partner organizations. In addition, content aimed at global audiences is spread through social media so that funders, academic institutions and governments can support these innovations.