Our Team


Denise Miller – Executive Director & Co-founder 

Denise sees her work with ChangeStream Media as the perfect application of her experience in the media, education, and non-profit fields. While earning a BA in broadcast journalism from the University of Southern California, she coordinated a mentoring program for at-risk youth. Denise has written and taken photographs for publications in Arizona, Seattle, and Madrid, Spain; worked as a research assistant for the Los Angeles Times Magazine; and produced multimedia packages and award-winning articles as a staff reporter for the Snoqualmie Valley Record in Washington. Her passion for education spurred her to teach English in Madrid and Seoul. Denise leads social media trainings and creates online content for Firesteel, a network of Washington YWCAs committed to ending homelessness through innovative advocacy.


Sean Koenig – Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder

Sean has a long history of working at the intersection of media, finance and charitable projects. As business manager for a weekly newspaper at the University of Virginia, he eliminated a $10,000 debt through aggressive marketing of advertising space; designed advertising layouts; and published 12 feature articles. After earning an M.Sc. in biochemistry at the University of California, San Diego, he discovered a passion for travel and volunteerism. As the canvass director of the Miami office of the Fund for Public Interest Research, Sean trained hundreds of employees, organized rallies, held press conferences, and lobbied members of congress. Having raised over $500,000 for groups like Greenpeace and Save the Children, he decided to assist needy communities worldwide directly, leading disaster response teams in Bangladesh, Haiti and Indonesia with All Hands Volunteers. Sean puts his diverse skill set to work for communities and grassroots organizations creating a better tomorrow.


Meri Bauer – Director

Meri earned a double Master’s in international studies and public affairs from the University of Washington and is now working on her PhD. Her research focuses on East and North African and diasporic arts and culture, and her thesis explains how the fine arts industry in Egypt and Kenya encourages economic development and community mobilization. She co-founded and directs a Seattle-based nonprofit called PAUSE: A Space for New Visions, which brokers paintings and sculptures from an agricultural village in Kenya in the Seattle art market. She has worked for an education nonprofit in Seattle and for a human rights organization in Kenya. Meri believes in the power of art and media to transcend geographical and cultural distance and economic disparity, and sees her involvement with ChangeStream Media as a chance to help disseminate that power around the world.


Jonah Kozlowski – Vice President

Jonah brings a wealth of nonprofit filmmaking experience to ChangeStream Media. Having graduated from Washington State University with degrees in communication and anthropology, he has worked in media for over a decade. He developed and ran award-winning programs as the Media Integration Coordinator for Tincan, a Washington nonprofit that uses information technology and interactive media for education and community development. He formed a production company and began creating multimedia projects internationally. His video work for the Juara Turtle Project in Malaysia was a key inspiration for the formation of ChangeStream Media. Jonah’s artistic oversight helps ChangeStream Media’s staff and volunteers grow as digital media storytellers.


Oke Johnson – Director

Oke has 15 years of experience in the business world ensures ChangeStream Media’s success both as a charitable project and a financially sound nonprofit corporation. As the Senior Vice President of Compliance Services and Senior Asset Manager for LEDIC Management Group, he oversees a portfolio of properties, cultivates new business and ensures compliance with all regulations related to government programs. His fluency in accounting statements, annual reports and tax auditing provide the financial insight essential to the long-term viability of the organization. Oke has always taken pride in helping low-income families find homes through careful administration of federal benefits. He views ChangeStream Media as a way to put his executive skill set to work for the global community.