ChangeStream Media has amplified the messages of dozens of changemakers in 11 countries. Here’s what some of our partners say about working with us.

Eve Horowitz: Executive Director & Founder

Honduras Child Alliance

“Honduras Child Alliance is a volunteer-powered NGO providing educational enrichment projects to impoverished children in El Porvenir, Honduras. ChangeStream Media came to Honduras and created videos to assist with recruiting volunteers and project sponsors. In just a few short minutes they give a clear and upbeat depiction of our projects, and jumpstart the process of recruiting volunteers and sponsors. ChangeStream Media took the time to truly know our volunteers and the children who they work with, and their depiction of the genuine relationships shines through in both videos. We appreciate the work that was done and find that it positively impacts our projects on a daily basis.”


Hing Channarith: CEO & Founder

Cambodian Children’s Advocacy Foundation

“ChangeStream Media’s video work provides CCAF with a wider audience in the region, and connections to funding and technical support from around the world. The volunteers from IDEA Project, based in Hong Kong, viewed my fundraising video, and this has motivated them to work with children in rural areas in Cambodia. ChangeStream Media also made a video to help my staff improve their teaching. Because they provide information to donors about how we serve rural children, I believe we will receive more support through these documentaries.”


Philip Guerrero: Founder & Committee Chair

Philip “Cat” Guerrero Memorial Heart Run

“ChangeStream Media gave my event a professional and high-quality product for our visual publicity, with just enough seriousness and very appropriate humor. This speaks to ChangeStream Media’s ability to effectively communicate by captivating an audience and educating them at the same time. When we premiered the film at a fundraiser, it was a huge hit, and helped me surpass the $1,000 goal I had set for that event. They also came up with the theme for my website, Twitter feed, Facebook page and T-shirt design. I have ChangeStream Media to thank for a majority of marketing my event has received.”


Charlene Bredder, PhD, Sociology, UCSD

VSO Volunteer, Kampot, Cambodia

“Having these videos has helped tremendously. Six new donors have donated to the project. One video was shown at the Ministry of Education to high-level ministers and other NGOs. It was well received and the ministry is now talking about having a workshop on resource making. This video will have contributed to a significant and much-needed change in the country’s policy and curriculum for new teachers. Another video will be shown each year to the new class of entering trainees to encourage them to make resources. ChangeStream Media staff are professional, dedicated, and bring a curiosity to their work that welcomes all ideas, considers different perspectives, and values local knowledge.”