Cambodian Flashcard Volunteer Project

ChangeStream Media’s Khmer flashcards are the perfect travel accessory when visiting Cambodia. They provide a fun way to interact with people you meet, put children on the path to literacy, and help entrepreneurs expand their business with foreigners. As a bonus, you get to learn a bit of the Khmer language and have a valuable gift to share with a local family before you leave.

Watch ChangeStream Media’s Khmer Flashcard Video in English.

Flashcards are not widely used in Cambodia, so we created a 5-minute cartoon explaining what they are and fun ways to use them. By watching the English voiceover version you will understand what the video teaches and be able to play the games it teaches.
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Download the Khmer-language Flashcard Video onto your mobile device.

It’s a great icebreaker on buses and at restaurants. Choose the version that works best for you, or stream it off the web:

Print and laminate your flashcards.

Most Cambodians lack resources to make educational materials, but you probably have easy access to a printer, scissors and tape. Simply download PDFs of the Khmer Flashcards, cut them out, fold them in half and seal them with packing tape. For higher quality cards, print them in color on card stock or photo paper, and laminate them at work or at a copy shop.

PDFs of the Khmer-English Flashcards

You’re done! At ChangeStream Media we believe multimedia productions with a fun, artistic flair can transcend cultural barriers and create real value in the lives of people in disadvantaged communities. Our self-guided volunteer opportunities rely on your participation, so please let us know how your experience with the flashcards went! Share a video, tweet us, or be part of the project by helping us make more flashcards or sharing flashcard game ideas. Thanks!

Thanks to Charlene Bredder, Yin Sam At, the children of Ta Eng street, Lauren Schroff, the musicians of Hero Cambodia, and Rocky the Cat for help on this project!
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